LETTERS: Consider the source

LETTERS: Consider the source

Editor: Re: Guesswork gives rise to false facts, June 8 letters.


Re: Guesswork gives rise to false facts’, June 8 letters.

Citing Patrick Moore as a primary source for climate-change denial is poison to one’s credibility.

Moore is a ‘denier for hire’: a public-relations consultant, a hired gun, bankrolled by corporate polluters in nuclear power, aquaculture, logging, plastics and pesticides. He is now quoted as a source for climate-change denial on an American, conservative, fake news website.

Invoking a sensationalist website as evidence for climate-change denial – Louder with Crowder nearly turned my stomach – is irresponsible. It insults the efforts of hard-working people that are dedicating their lives to studying the complexities of climate change and to those corporate, government and local efforts addressing the challenges that lie ahead.

The fact that a young woman, possibly with good intentions, has been duped by fake news nonsense is distressing. This reeks of the echo chamber.

Get off Facebook for five minutes and engage with your community. Volunteer with a naturalist club. Talk with experts and institutions of higher learning. Read a National Geographic or Canadian Geographic magazine. Visit a library.

Consider these sources as credible: ACT- Adaptation to Climate Change Team through Simon Fraser University; City of Vancouver, Climate Change Adaptation Strategy; The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change; The Government of Canada, Department of Natural Resources, Canada’s Marine Coasts in a Changing Climate.

These are just a few of the thousands of credible sources to get you started on the road to informed decision-making in regards to climate change and sea level rise.

Be skeptical, think critically and ask questions, but please wipe away Moore and your fake-news website like so much dog excrement on the bottom of your shoe before you really stink up the place.

Dig a little deeper and do the research.

S. Kropf, White Rock

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