Letters: Communism begins with socialism

Dear Editor,

It has been said that socialism, the prelude to communism, is persuaded by sweet-talking speeches of social justice, environmental justice, equality for all, etc., bringing utopia.

Once transformed or communized, the persuasion is replaced with infantry boots and guns. 

Our vulnerable young people are being subtly indoctrinated towards the socialist model by western teachers. 

There is an attack on Christianity by the left, and a few generations have lost guidance to fundamental values. It’s noticeable some youth are grasping values from late-night TV talk show comedians like Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart. 

Many Canadian soldiers fought and died to free Europeans and others from the ravages of communist dictators. Many immigrated to Canada and raised their families under our freedom and the benefits of capitalism. 

Now lots of these same families’ offspring have been indoctrinated to accept and believe that communism isn’t so bad. 

The communists didn’t build the Berlin Wall to keep the people out, it was to prevent the suppressed from escaping to the West. 

If you think communism is not so bad, ask the people of Ukraine with Putin threatening, Cuba after 55 years of Castro, Venezuelans communized by Hugo Chavez, South Africa’s communist revolution and loss of private property. Ask the Hungarians, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia of the barbaric Russian hordes.   

Communism has killed more people in peacetime than all the wars combined. 

Our youth are losing their way, with social media attitude and an expectation of entitlement, only to discover that, when they leave the cocoon of academic propaganda, they are ill prepared, with low job prospects. 

Many Canadians appear oblivious to the foreign-funded subversive campaign to thwart developing our resources which are the source of our economy and jobs. 

Unless we wise up, it’s going to be a tough road ahead for all of us.

Roland Seguin, Langley

Langley Advance