LETTERS: City numbers didn’t add up


Re: City won’t back wire plan, April 8.


Re: City won’t back wire plan, April 8.

Could the Peace Arch News please engage in a little investigative journalism and find out what undergrounding the wires on East Beach streets would really cost?

The numbers that came from the City of White Rock bore no relation to reality, unless reality meant three phone calls – Hydro, Shaw and Telus – wherein they were each individually asked to estimate, and the three totals tallied.

But that triplicates much of the work. For instance, it’s not like three different trenches need to be dug.

It was apparent in the city’s petition that they had no interest in the project.

What happened was residents were asked to vote on financial numbers that had no backup verification nor indication on how they were derived.

And we were asked to do it based on a piece of paper coming from the city that didn’t even contain grammatically cogent sentences.  Much of it was unintelligible.

Reasonable people don’t authorize blank cheques under those conditions.

Charles Newson, White Rock



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