Letters: Candlemas fitting celebration

Dear Editor,

The early February festival of returning light, which Matthew Claxton is seeking [Marking the end of the darkest days, Dec. 31 Painful Truth, Langley Advance], already exists, and has done since ancient days in Britain – though it is seldom practised anymore, so far as I am aware.

It is called Candlemas, the festival or mass of the candles, representing the sun’s return. It falls on Feb. 2 of every year, and I never fail to celebrate it in my heart – well, never since I began to age, anyway. (You never know if you’ll see your next Candlemas, haha! Mind you, you never really know anyway – ever.)

With that cheerful thought, I leave you, except to say that I loved Mr. Claxton’s column, especially the first few paragraphs. It reminded me of my childhood in England, in the years immediately following World War II.

Have a Happy Candlemas!

Bridget Oldale, Aldergrove

Langley Advance