LETTERS: Canada’s political system is taxpayer-funded turmoil



Every caring voter in the upcoming federal election is faced with the challenge of choosing which “party” to vote for by voting for candidates pre-selected and approved by the party’s powerful members and/or by voting for anyone with stamina, reputation, personal funds and a sincere desire to serve their country as an independent.

Unlike Americans who basically have two parties (Republican and Democrat) competing for the power to be in “control” of the country, Canadians have at least four parties vying for control: Liberal, Conservative, Green, New Democratic Party (not the “old” one) and independents.

The fruit of our present system is continuous turmoil, with taxpayers actually paying the salaries of both the winners and the opposition minority members whose intent often seems focused on making trouble, denigrating and embarrassing the majority party and its individual members.

Similarly, this kind of competitiveness in governing our planet by the various countries in the world also handicaps the full functioning of the United Nations.

How much longer will it take mankind to transform out-of-date administrative systems and act on what the Second World War should have taught us: real, lasting power, whether local, national or international, in undertaking any worthwhile collective endeavors, comes from working together in unity.

Seems we need more lessons and new rules in governing.

Merrill Muttart, White Rock

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