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Editor: Re: How else to handle critics, Dec. 27 letters.


Re: How else to handle critics, Dec. 27 letters.

May I answer?

Mayor Wayne Baldwin gets criticized because he acts self-servingly and egotistically.

I came to his defence on one issue – one only – about then-Liberal candidate Gordie Hogg and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau not inviting the mayor regarding his pre-byelection visit.

If the mayor was a fan of our PM, this would never have been an issue. It is all just a political gong show. However, the mayor had it coming; he got a taste of his own medicine.

Letter-writer Lisa Marie Gillis notes Baldwin is a bit patriarchal: “How else to handle childish and petty outbursts at open meetings? They can’t waste time.”

The way I grew up was learning from the elders. If a community is listened to and is being served by caring politicians, there is no need for “childish” behaviour from either side. Unfortunately, in this case, we, the public, with less status and/or power have been ignored. The voices heard are rich influences, developers and anybody that hands out goodies to the mayor and coalition.

As for waste of time, whose time is really wasted? How can it be wasted when we pay these people to sit there and listen to us? Who gets to choose who is worthwhile listening to?

What the letter suggests is some folks should be listened to and heard, but others should just take the insults every time he lashes out against us.

The letter writer notes “many people want all the upgrades without tax increases” and suggests they want “pure water instantly.” But water is life; that should be a priority.

What we need from politicians and their staff is honesty, integrity, respect, transparency, compassion, courage and empathy, and they should never forget whom they work for.

As for tax increases, I am happy for you if you don’t suffer financially. I am on CPP disability; I get $616.57 a month.

So who do you think is entitled to what?

Maggie Bernet, White Rock

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