Letters: Aldergrove is being shortchanged – again

Editor: Langley City and Langley Township long ago split from one another. I believe the cause was a perceived unfairness with the use of tax dollars being spent mainly in one area instead of meeting the needs of all.

It seems to me that a similar situation is happening here in Aldergrove.

People are upset with the choice of pool being forced upon us.

We wanted a modern indoor pool, we get an unrealistic “ band aid” — an outdoor pool with limited appeal.

We wanted funding like the rest of Langley gets. We have to sell property or raise money to get anything. Did the Langley Events Centre need to sell environmental lands to raise money for its construction?

Did Langley have to settle for a sub-par facility? They were given a third artificial turf field before we got ours, even though we jumped through hoops and raised money on our own.

It’s obvious we don’t register on Langley’s radar. Perhaps Langley won’t appear on ours.

Most of us would have been happy to have our beloved Aldergrove Lake repaired, instead we’ll have someone else’s idea of what we need put in place.

Jeff Feldman,


Langley Times