LETTERS: A system in need of review

LETTERS: A system in need of review

Editor: Re: From Kenya to Canada, June 20.


Re: From Kenya to Canada, June 20.

I found your article to be quite exciting and motivating to learn of the reunification of this child with her family. On the other hand, I’m left with concerns.

The Canadian government’s immigration and refugee policies’ appearance, do not meet reality.

As an immigrant, my process to enter Canada was lengthy, and if in that time my parents conceived another child based on this example, we would be in this same situation. If anything, my parents may have had the opportunity to update their immigration files.

In comparison, there are diasporas of refugees and asylum seekers who do not have the same considerations. This is a major concern as many enter illegally to Canada through unmanned borders from the states, rather than refugee camps from as far as Africa.

In essence, is Canada really anything less or more than the Trump-style cages where children and parents were separated at immigration holds? Are we not any different than cages than by rejecting a child due to a conception technicality?

Overall, I respectfully appreciate your article as it outlines one amazing humane example where perseverance and persistence paid off, especially in a governmental system in need of review.

The reality lies in the question, what appearance rests easy with our Canadian government? Is there a grey area within policies or are they just black-and-white?

Seth Fraser, Langley

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