Letters: a rebuttal on pro rep

I feel it is necessary to correct Daryl Sturdy's statements regarding the content of my letter.

I feel it is necessary to correct Daryl Sturdy’s statements regarding the content of my letter.

For those who did not read my original letter, I stated “assume Proportional Representation gets 51% of the vote”. It is implied that it is 51% of those who voted, not 51% of all BC residents as inferred by Sturdy.

I know the people in the group of 51% who voted for PR are then to select from one of three choices: A, B or C. If each choice is selected by an equal number then each option was selected by one third of the 51% that voted for PR. Fifty one percent divided by three equals 17%. To break the tie, assume C got 2 more votes than A or B. Hence, C will be the new system for BC based on 17% plus 2 of all those who voted, not 17% plus 2 of all BC residents

Hence, if all eligible BC residents vote and 51% vote for PR it is mathematically possible that 17% plus 2 could determine a new voting system for BC. It follows that if only 10% of eligible voters actually vote, it is possible that 1.7% + 2 could determine a new election system for BC. As an aside I chose 51% rather than 50% + 1 as it is easier to divide by 3.

Regarding the spectre of gerrymandering, I am aware that BC Elections is non-partisan. I did not state that BC Elections would be gerrymandering. I did state that they would be changing our districts. I struggle to think that the final decisions regarding the form of a new system, the final number of MLAs, the size and the number of districts are all still unknowns. I suspect those decisions will be greatly influenced by the interests of the parties championing the changes.

I do know that rural areas will be able to elect one candidate as we do now. However, if I am to have more than one MLA to represent me as Sturdy stated, it is still be decided how that person will be determined. Will they be appointed? Will I get to vote who that might be? Will I get to vote on what party I want them to be from? Will they understand the issues of my district?

I am concerned that we are being prodded into buying a pig in a poke which means to buy something without the buyer knowing its true nature or value, especially when buying without inspecting the item beforehand. If you are comfortable buying a pig in a poke, then vote for PR. If not, vote to retain First Past the Post.

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