LETTERS: A challenge

Writer encourages community to step up for Valley First Community Arts Theatre

Let us find 550 people in Penticton and district to put down $300 each (tax receipt when we are successful and not cashed until we are successful) for the sake of “Opening The Doors” for the Valley First Community Arts Theatre

This terrific little theatre would serve the whole community -— youth, families, and seniors. If we, the community want it to happen, it can be open and running in roughly six weeks.

Grants have been applied for and will become available when the doors are opened. It will be affordable, fun, neighbourly. We can make this space whatever it needs to be.

Please search the website www.penmar.ca for the “Open the Doors Campaign” and find out the correct, exciting information located there.

Phone The Penmar Community Arts Society at 250-493-8540. Ask us to speak at  a gathering. A total of $165,000 is $300 promised dollars from 550 people. Please consider this. Talk about it with your neighbours and friends.

Zuzana Kaufrinder



Penticton Western News