Community members are fighting for community of Sooke

So, Mayor Evans says that Sooke’s legal costs are going up because of two particular community members that keep challenging every move the district makes.

Well, kudos to those two individuals; Gail Hall and Herb Haldane and for the others mentioned, Terry Martin, Ellen Lewers and Fred Von Ilberg.

Without them fighting for Sooke residents, probably every council meeting would be an in-camera meeting and we would be signed to every deal without anything going to tender.

Any major contract for the municipality should be tendered to ensure that we are getting the best deal for our money.  Think back to the 21- year EPCOR agreement that the residents of Sooke shot down.

We look forward to a new mayor for Sooke who is less concerned with photo ops and in-camera meetings and more focused on moving Sooke forward.

John & Tami Meikle


Sooke News Mirror