Letter: Young people should be learning to create their own employment

Editor: Why don’t we teach basic entrepreneurship and the concept of business in high schools instead of the load of socialist dogma foisted on them?

If young people have a low prospect of getting a job to have hope for their future, surely some of them are suited to become entrepreneurs.

To create a job, you need a business. To create a business, you need an energetic risk taker (entrepreneur) to make an investment.

To attract investment, you need a strong expectation of making a profit.

Without profits, you have no investment, no business and no jobs.

Once a profitable business is established, more people can be hired if there is a demand for its products and services.

A growing economy stimulates the demand for businesses to expand.

Investment is also economically related to the word capital which is where the term capitalism is derived.

Private sector jobs contribute to the country’s economy, whereas public sector (government) jobs are paid for by private tax dollars and are a negative drag on the economy.

It’s bad for the country when politicians grow the government and create more bureaucratic jobs as it increases taxes.

We can’t all work for the government in Canada as that would be communism, a complete loss of individual freedom.

Free Market Capitalism (with all its faults) has provided more prosperity for individuals of all classes than all other systems that have been tried.

The whole Western world’s economies are based on free market capitalism, which isn’t going away any time soon.

Canadian politicians like to sound important but they have zero control over outside forces like world oil and other commodity prices, global economy, stock markets etc.

In order to benefit the economy, governments should make it easier for private businesses to start up and grow by getting out of the way.

Job creation is suffering a slow strangulation by over regulation in all branches of government.

If one believes in creating private sector jobs, it fits the term ‘fiscal conservative’ or responsible money manager.

Roland Seguin,


Langley Times

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