Letter writer taken to task for disrespect of Stompin’ Tom

It's too bad Mike Harvey didn't write a letter extolling Stompin' Tom Connors.

Editor: Re: “Other good games,” (letters, The Times, March 14). Mike Harvey starts out his letter by stating he “realizes it’s wrong to criticize,” and yet he continues to do so. If you realize it’s wrong, then why do it?

I can’t believe anyone would write such drivel, or that this newspaper continues to print it. This song was written in the early 1970s when hockey was at the top of the list for entertainment value for most people.

It was written by a great Canadian who received many awards and accolades — a man who had many fans and wrote many great songs and whose legacy will live on. Too bad Harvey didn’t write a letter about that, but unfortunately it’s too late now.

V. White,


Langley Times