Letter: Women’s Centre a great opportunity

Today I spent some time at Chrissy's Place with some fabulous women.

Letter: Women's Centre a great opportunity

Dear Editor,

Today I spent some time at Chrissy’s Place with some fabulous women. We celebrated a friend’s birthday, we laughed and talked and enjoyed each others’ company.

I see a tremendous opportunity there. To reach out to every woman there, to explore their hopes, dreams and their enormous accomplishments of motherhood, sisterhood, schooling, careers and survival.

Not every woman who goes there has had trauma, some are there because of the social benefits and others like myself who just want to connect with these amazing individuals.

I encourage all women to explore the idea of visiting the women’s centre. It is not a place of hardship and sad stories, but a beautiful opportunity to grow, learn, share and inspire.

Deb McIntosh


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