The developers of Central Green in Kelowna say the high-rise towers the city hoped to see on the site will not be built.—Image: Alistair Waters/Capital News

Letter: Will someone take council off the ether

Kelowna letter-writer says city council should have known what it was getting with Central Green

To the editor:

After reading the comments made by some of the council members concerning the Central Green project it becomes very clear to me that these people haven’t a clue. How can you be really disappointed or surprised that they are “utilitarian” in appearance, or that people don’t go ‘wow’ when they drive by?

Haven’t they looked at the plans and done all of their due diligence before approving the project? On a project of this size there should be no surprises. They sound like spoiled little children, (we didn’t get our 12 story building).

Well, you should have done your homework. Shame on you.

Christian Skouw, Kelowna

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