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LETTER: Why were alarms ignored at Langley rec complex?

UPDATE: Business owner receives' phone call and apology over alarm incident

Dear Editor,

Re: Credited Builder Forum Series event on Thursday, Feb. 6, Building Envelope Energy Efficiency: How to Avoid Surprises

On Thursday Feb. 6 I attended this event at the Langley Events Centre together with a few hundred other persons.

Shortly after the presenter began speaking an alarm bell began ringing

It was very loud (probably in excess of 100 decibels)

It rang for at least five minutes.

At no time did the organizers conduct an orderly evacuation, nor did anyone offer an explanation.

At the end of the session I asked a staff person to be provided with an explanation.

It has not been provided.

It is in my opinion it is extremely dangerous policy to ignore alarms in any location.

The clear message from the Township of Langley (TOL) is that alarms are to be ignored.

In that case TOL may as well remove all alarm systems from buildings.

The public deserves to be informed as we all have a duty of care to each other.

Wally Martin, Murrayville

UPDATE from Wally Martin:

Regarding my letter to mayor and council on this matter and printed in yesterday’s Langley Advance Times [Feb. 12].

I did receive a phone call a few days after I sent the letter.

The person was from the Events Centre, and they apoligized for not letting the audience at the seminar know what had happened.

I was pleased to receive the call, and I was satisfied with the explanation that was provided.

Wally Martin

Langley Advance Times

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