LETTER: Why do Fortis BC and the NDP government deceive us?

From reader David Cunningham

The Fortis BC advertisement in the Nelson Star on Thursday, Feb. 4 claims that natural gas will help us achieve our emission reduction target of reducing our greenhouse gas emissions by 30 per cent by 2030. That is a false claim for the following reasons:

1. Natural gas is a fossil fuel.

2. Natural gas obtained in the quantities necessary for export will require a large increase in the amount of fracking. Fracking releases large amounts of methane.

3. Transporting natural gas results in leakage of methane

4. The liquification of natural gas releases large amounts of methane. Methane is considered to be 25 times more important to global warming than carbon dioxide.

Fracking uses large amounts of water. Many chemicals are added to this water. This water can be used several times but then is stored in ponds indefinitely. Any animal using this water will have serious health effects.

Fracking is also known to cause earthquakes.

These advertisements that claim natural gas will help resolve the climate crisis are a deception and confusing. In B.C. we have never met our climate targets, and with using large amounts of natural gas, we never will! These advertisements are holding back our transition to renewable energy.

David Cunningham


Nelson Star

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