LETTER: We are losing the heart of Revelstoke to development

Dear editor,

Dear editor,

We all remember the Catherwood road annexation attempt a few years back and we stopped it with a petition, this was a sneaky and greedy attempt to exploit farm land in the Catherwood area.

We must leave these small rural farms south of Revelstoke for just that small rural farms, we do not need these lands for development as the ski hill has 100’s of acres already approved, we have a lot of infill properties in the City boundary already I.E. Big Eddy, Westside road, Arrow Heights, old school sites, the hwy corridor west. East.South. North, the list goes on.

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Any development in ALR land should only be farm related. We lost Greely farm to development potential, we have a real estate industry that, in my opinion, think it’s okay to tell mistruths, manipulate markets, stand behind unrealistic developments to which the old Citizens of Revelstoke pay for.

We have to take stock of what we have. What brought us here, what made us stay. Trust me, rushed development, high taxes, polluted water and air, over used roads and public infrastructure was not on the list.

We have prices that resemble gouging: gas, groceries, rent, services, all higher then nearby cities. Where is our consumer protection?

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We have developers and businesses move into our community saying they love Revelstoke and what a beautiful place only to figure out ways to exploit our nature, mountains, neighbourhoods and seems we have some in our local government positions who are happy to accommodate some of these ridiculous plans even if it means breaking their own rules and regulations.

The mountains and glaciers around Revelstoke should be treated as sacred and protected.

Helicopters and tour companies should respect our local nature and mountains, not ferrying needy tourists and their bikes to the top (some are doing this illegally) with no enforcement or regard and we are so opposed to applaud these types of businesses that exploit our historic hiking trails, wildlife and alpine meadows with a system that allows it.

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So, few benefits but we all pay the price, nature especially.

We have illegal vacation homes go unchecked and exploiting neighbourhoods taking these homes off the market to workers or young families.

The greed and disregard of some seems to have taken hold in this town.

It seems many want to change the face of Revelstoke at the expense of our beautiful nature, peace and tranquility, clean water and air, no money in the world will clean up our diminishing way of life.

The only invasive species we should be worried about are the ones trying to exploit everything we as a community have tired to protect. It’s so sad to talk to so many old Revelstokians who can’t wait to leave a community they once loved dearly.

We know what over development does, Revelstoke let’s not be as stupid as others, let’s get it right! You can’t eat or breathe money.

Your truly,

Daren Corneliuson, Revelstoke

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