LETTER: Wanting a cat bylaw is not hating on cats or owners

The message quite clearly states that we are not cat haters, we are concerned residents

To the Editor,

Re: Letter writers show their dislike for cats, Letters, July 22, 2020

The writer has a tremendous reasoning on the roaming, dislike, donations, and a few other comments, but he seems to not really get the message on roaming cats. The message quite clearly states that we are not cat haters, we are concerned residents that are concerned about our property, and the cost of replacing the plants we have planted to improve the look of our property, No one said they hate cats, they just said that they hate the idea that cats are allowed to roam free and that dogs have to be on a leash, which to this writer sounds very unfair.

All we want is a reasonable attempt to get the bylaw changed from roaming cats to leashed cats; the writer’s attempt to make it sound as though we are all cat haters is unrealistic. I for one am allergic to cats, but I do not want to see them all destroyed, just managed a little better than they have been allowed to.

I think it is the city’s job to not just read it in the paper and let it pass, but read it and do something about it. We rely a lot on the way we vote on election days for various officials, and as a resident of this community I am just asking for something to be done about cats roaming—and please do not be swayed by the term “hate cats,” because I love all kinds of animals.

We as citizens have the right to voice our opinions on how the city should be running the community, and the idea of stopping the cats from roaming is an example of one of the ways. One other comment that day was that the complainant was not a person that disliked cats, but was losing respect for cat owners. Another road to be ventured down in the future.

Dave Noble,

Port Alberni

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