Penticton Western News letters to the editor.

Penticton Western News letters to the editor.

Letter: Voting for experience

We tried the young and promising and untested before

A person cannot walk for 10 steps without stepping on a cigarette butt. Our beaches are littered with hypodermic needles. Panhandlers defy our bylaws.

Drug dealers are on a revolving door: first offence — a one year sentence; second offence — five years or more. The costs of incarceration could be paid from the money B.C. sends to Ottawa in one day for equalization and transfer payments.

The second concern I have is Jason Cox bragging about his “business success.” If he is so successful why is he looking for the mayor’s chair?

Why not get your feet wet by serving on council (30 hours a month). History reminds us that 50 per cent of small businesses, even in good times, fail.

The food industry requires the owners to work for 12 to 15 hours 24/7 for several years to build the business; unless of course you need extra income to keep it together.

Jason is a control freak that does not believe in the democratic system of governance. He pushed too hard for the Trio Marine Skaha Lake disaster, totally ignoring the overwhelming right of the citizens of Penticton to have a say in what happens in that park. It is called democracy and listening and respecting the wishes of the people.

While Jason might be amenable now the question must be asked did we see his true nature during the Skaha Lake debacle.

A few months ago the chamber sponsored a visit to Penticton by the new Conservative leader: Jason Cox controlled the agenda and asked the majority of questions whilst members of the public suffered in silence until they were finally granted a short question period.

That meeting was all about Jason. The last thing the people of Penticton need is another mayor so intent and set on what they want, they ignore the right of the people to a voice.

We tried the young and promising and untested before: Tarik Sayeed and Wes Hopkin. Both either resigned or were flagrantly absent from too many council meetings before their first term was up.

I will vote for experience: John Vassilakaki has experience — during his successful business career, he hired more than 2,400 Pentictonites.

Ernie Slump


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