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Letter: Voters don’t forget

Letter writer pleads with voters to go over promises and actions from the last term

Trudeau and his ilk are hoping people rely on only their most recent propaganda like minuscule tax cuts, child benefits and other programs that generously spend everybody else’s money.

They hope voters will forget his carbon tax grab, unbridled additions to the country’s debt, mistakes on immigration, international embarrassment, ethics breach, paying a terrorist $10.5 million etc., etc., etc.

Too few people focus on the idea he’s in some billionaires club and that he is hiring the best copywriters to spin threats and promises to speak to people’s innermost fears and desires through empty slogans and promises that will be unkept.

Meanwhile, the dippers and the greenies spew even more rhetoric. This time around a vote for anyone but Conservatives is a vote for the unethical disgraceful corrupt Trudeau and his ilk.

Wayne Llewellyn


Penticton Western News

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