Marc Dalton was elected Conservative MP for Pitt Meadows-Maple Ridge. (THE NEWS – files)

Letter: ‘Use washroom or change room that matches genitalia’

'They could change their gender in a flip-flop manner.'

Editor, The News:

Re: MP retweets on transgender change rooms.

I read your article about ‘transgender change rooms.’

I wanted to point out that while universal change rooms at the Maple Ridge Leisure Centre may provide some privacy for women, my wife informs me that the shower area was completely open with no privacy at all.

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The idea that a person’s gender can change, without changing their physiological make-up, means that they could change their gender in a flip-flop manner whenever they feel inclined.

While politically correct in theory, in practice this opens up abuse by any male who decides: “I want to shower with the women today, so I’ll identify as female, and I can label anyone who objects as a bigot.”

It is also interesting to consider that while I’ve used the men’s changing room at swimming pools on a regular basis, I’ve yet to come across a transgender exposing themselves to the male population, and have to wonder why the female population is having such a problem those who are transgender?

I think that the problem has a simple solution: ignore gender when it comes to washrooms and change rooms, and classify them entirely on the basis of sex.

If you a transgender who hasn’t made the sexual transition, then you use the washroom or change room that matches your genitalia.

Peter Glenister

Maple Ridge

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