LETTER: Ugly buildings in small spaces

From reader Dwyn Roberts

In support of a slug in the Sept. 19 issue: I long admired (in the 20 years I have been here) a home that had a stunning view. One day there a condo development was built that completely blocks that view. At how much resale cost to the owner? Why are we allowing this? What is going on with this greed-driven development fever that is changing Nelson and not for the better?

It seems like every day there is some ugly tall industrial building being squeezed in to a small space. This town has always only had so much geographical space. Traffic and overcrowding has become a nightmare. It’s time to put on the brakes! Let’s not forget those of us who have lived here for generations. Those folks seem to be having their beloved and chosen quiet small town lifestyle turned upside down to appease newcomers and tourists.

Dwyn Roberts


Nelson Star

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