Letter: Two-tiered Hydro billing makes little sense

Why encourage purchase of electric cars but not to use electricity for home heat?

Re: Electric car fund strikes ironic note, Oak Bay News, Your View, Feb. 15

Bruce Cline’s letter really got me thinking … It is extraordinary that there is so much encouragement to purchase electric cars (in the form of subsidies and free charging stations), yet there is no encouragement to use electricity for home heat.

In fact, it has become so expensive due to  BC Hydro’s two -tiered billing system, that people are refitting with natural gas, which is yet another fossil fuel.

Every new home that is being built is also fitted with gas heat.

We are so lucky in B.C. to be able to access the cleanest electric power possible which is hydro-electricity.

We should be making every effort to have folks use it and continue our efforts to cut down on carbon emissions.

Annie Weeks

Oak Bay


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