LETTER: Two questions for Michelle Mungall

LETTER: Two questions for Michelle Mungall

From reader Mark Mealing

As a resident of the North Kootenay Lake region, I have two local concerns that I believe require resolution.

There has been no action on the circumstances of the families at Johnsons Landing whose properties were obliterated or rendered uninhabitable by the landslide of 2012. They can neither sell nor occupy their properties, yet are still charged property tax or are alternatively obliged to abandon ownership. When and how will this problem be solved?

The unconstructed, uninhabited and absurd but expensive municipality of Jumbo Glacier still exists in its shadow form. Why has it not been abolished?

I trust MLA Michelle Mungall will raise these matters in the legislature.

Rev. F. Mark Mealing

Meadow Creek

Nelson Star

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