LETTER: Trust science over religion on vaccines

Do we continue to give religious beliefs more importance than scientific knowledge?

It will be time for the annual flu shots soon. I hold nothing so sacred that it can`t be critically held up to examination and that includes religion when it tries to overturn science and put trust in prayer over vaccines.

At least when we skeptics write we put all the information out there to be tested, examined, and changed if more compelling information comes in. What does religion have except putting out their conclusion first and then looking for any shred of evidence – both real and imaginary – to bolster their confirmation bias. Know what miracles are:  just chance.

One of the most idiotic ideas that they protect with claims of being too sacred for criticism is the idea of faith healing. Call faith healing what it is:  faith killing. You can also include homeopathy under the heading of well marketed quackery.

So what is it going to be? Do we continue to give religious beliefs more importance than scientific knowledge that has saved untold millions over the last century? Do we continue to give a free pass to faith killers and conspiracy nuts because we are too afraid of offending anyone?

I opt for offending with facts, humour, and lots of sarcasm when it is for the greater good. That far-right religion and conspiracy theories lend themselves to ridicule makes the job all that much easier.

Robert T. Rock


Mission City Record

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