Letter: Township resident confused by ‘strata street’ designation

Editor: As an owner of a condominium of Yorkson Creek Strata properties, I am confounded by the information provided by the manager of transportation engineering for the Township of Langley, that the Township street I live on is classified as a “strata street.”

I am totally confused when Township staff advise me that “The Township does not maintain strata roads.”

Correspondence from transportation engineering states: “Accordingly, while there is a provision for public access, it remains a private road with the strata corporation responsible for the road’s maintenance, including routine repairs and snow removal.”

I was also advised that questions relative to maintenance should be directed to our strata (council).

How many members of your strata council are retired civil engineers or, better yet, retired lawyers?

We are aware that we have roads within our common properties and understand that we are responsible for repairs and maintenance, including snow removal. These are definitely strata roads.

These strata roads merge with Township streets and avenues. The Township sign on 207A Street does not identify this as 207A Strata Street. In addition to this confusion, our group of three strata complexes with a fourth on line, have been saddled with statutory rights of way. Why would the Township issue building permits that create right of way?

I’d be happy to listen to civil engineers and strata owners who have a better understanding of how all this mess came about.

Bill Cockburn,

Langley Township

Langley Times