Development of the South Campbell Heights area would destroy a pristine environment that is teeming with wildlife, writes Mike Falconer. On July 26, Surrey council will host a public hearing into a proposal to re-designate 600 acres in the area as employment lands. The public hearing is scheduled to begin at 2 p.m. (Mike Falconer photo)

LETTER: Too much to lose with development of south Campbell Heights area

Pristine area is teeming with wildlife, writes Mike Falconer


Re: Public hearing set for South Campbell Heights plan

I read your article on the proposed 600-acre industrial park in South Campbell Heights and was appalled at the thought of Surrey turning this area into more of what we see to the north.

I am the last one to normally take an anti-development, environmental stance, but this area is pristine.

I walk my dog in there on a regular basis and the area is teeming with wildlife, such as frogs, snakes and salmon fry, not to mention the larger animals that call this area home. I believe Surrey is ramming this through council because not many people know it’s there and it’s an easy sell.

Thank you for writing this article and bringing it to people’s attention. If more people knew what would is be lost with this development, I think there would be a greater uproar.

Mike Falconer, Langley

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