LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Tent city residents disrespectful

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Tent city residents disrespectful

Where can I sign up for free oceanfront property, asks letter writer

To the editor,

Re: City reverses course, provides water to tent city, July 17.

Where can I sign up for free oceanfront property, free money every month, free medical and dental, water and sewer and no bills?

This tent city represents everything we teach our kids not to be. Even my 10-year-old had to do chores for her allowance. Our 15-year-old daughter easily landed a very well-paying job at one of our local resorts on her own. She simply had some drive to actually do the right thing and earn self-respect and privileges. She wants to know why such gross behaviour is being rewarded to the tent city people. What should I tell her?

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The vast majority at tent city look like very young, able-bodied young men who could easily go to work if they wanted; they’re in the prime of their lives right now. I wonder what their game plan is for the future.

The level of disrespect and lack of consideration for the working, taxpaying public is mind-blowing. No wonder homeless people are flooding here from other cities; they’ve been informed that they get all the mooching handouts at Nanaimo tent city for zero effort.

Richard Stewart, Nanaimo

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