LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Tent city could pretty much kill the downtown

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Tent city could pretty much kill the downtown

The future of downtown Nanaimo is at stake, says letter writer

To the editor,

Re: City asks court to fast-track tent city case, June 26.

The future of downtown Nanaimo is at stake. Woodgrove didn’t kill downtown but Discontent City will.

The two proposed hotels will not get built; the convention centre might as well shut down; cruise ships will go elsewhere. Cameron Island will need security. Visiting yachts will pass us by. Stores will move away. Vacant buildings will predominate.

To make the point right now I suggest all downtown retail stores stay shut for one day or one week.

Mental health issues are not the responsibility of municipal government but the decay of the urban centre certainly is. Maybe our MLA, or future mayor, could lean on the provincial and federal governments to release the army land at the south end of the city to house the homeless, with medical facilities, showers, etc. and food supplies on site.

Michael Rogers, Nanaimo

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