The City of Nanaimo has developed concepts for an extension of the Harbourfront Walkway from Departure Bay ferry terminal to Departure Bay Beach. (City of Nanaimo image)

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Spend money building walkway, not drawing it

City isn't seeing reality with time-wasting and cost-burning concepts, says letter writer

To the editor,

Re: City hasn’t shown it has capability to build walkway, Letters, May 12.

I agree with the letter writer.

Stop wasting time and money. Take the best and most feasible – and affordable – concept that has already been drawn, get the approvals, then move on and build it already. If it is not a concept that is going to result in approvals, then stop.

Do not get me wrong, I am all for it being built, but not by a mayor and council that can not see the reality of time-wasting and cost-burning concepts. This should have been a first priority long ago, not hundreds of over-populating building permit approvals, and bike lanes. Finish the incomplete and brighten up the place, encourage new businesses to invest and open up shop.

Look at Horseshoe Bay for example. You step off the ferry there and you have a great little village with amenities, large park, walkways and thriving outlets

Step off the ferry at Departure Bay, there are defunct properties, closed buildings, and if you don’t get lost or robbed heading down Stewart Avenue, you would never find our waterfront walkway or anything of interest for that matter. It’s embarrassing, to say the least.

G. Henderson, Nanaimo

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