Letter to the Editor: Smart meter concerns voiced

The physician’s group, American Academy of Environmental Medicine, has adopted a resolution against wireless smart meters...

Dear Editor,

The physician’s group, American Academy of Environmental Medicine, has adopted a resolution against wireless smart meters, stating that “the current medical literature raises credible questions about genetic and cellular effects, hormonal effects, male fertility, blood/brain barrier damage and increased risk of certain types of cancers from RF or ELF waves similar to those emitted from ‘smart meters’. Children are placed at particular risk for altered brain development, and impaired learning and behaviour.”

Dr. Olle Johansson, a professor of nuclear science at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden has explained the harmful effects of wireless smart meters in a letter to California Utilities: “It is becoming more and more obvious that the exposure to electromagnetic fields may result in highly unwanted health effects.

“This has been demonstrated in a very large number of studies and includes cellular DNA-damage (which may lead to an initiation of cancer as well as mutations that carry down generations), disruptions and alterations of cellular functions like increases in intracellular stimulatory pathways and calcium handling, disruption of tissue structures like the blood-brain barrier (which may allow toxins to enter the brain), impact on vessel and immune functions, and loss of fertility.”

Dr. States, M.S., M.S., M.S. P.E., explains on the YouTube video, The Dark Side of Smart Meters, how the smart meter grid works and the harmful effects as the radiation goes through walls radiating people sleeping or working on the other side of the wall. A meter out on a post will still radiate back and into the house.

Barrie Trower, a scientist in physics specializing in microwaves who worked with MI5 about radiation as a weapon, can be seen on YouTube where he explains what electromagnetic radiation can do to little girls.

A number of customers who have had them installed are reporting dizziness, headaches, heart palpitations and higher bills.

Thousands of customers in B.C. are refusing installation — putting boxes, chains and locks on their existing meters, leaving space for meter reading. Forty-five city and town councils have been requesting a moratorium for review, including the choice to opt out or to have a wired meter. Thousands are signing the petition on www.stopsmartmeters.bc.ca and getting updates from ds.noble@shaw.ca, Citizens Against Unsafe Emissions. A lock can be obtained from wwcan@hotmail.com.

Beverley Sinclair



Invermere Valley Echo