NICHOLAS PESCOD/The News Bulletin The Canadian Forces Snowbirds perform over Nanaimo harbour earlier this month.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Remembering, celebrating war are not the same

Snowbird was designed specifically as a training aircraft, notes retired air force major

To the editor,

Re: Snowbird militarism shouldn’t be celebrated, Letters, Aug. 20.

With respect to the authors of the letter, the Snowbirds’ aircraft (the Tutor) is not a modified jet fighter. The design was a product of Canadair, a Montreal-based aircraft company, and it was designed specifically as a training aircraft and an order was placed by the RCAF in 1961, with deliveries starting later. The sole use of the Tutor by the RCAF and CF was in the training role.

Canadair did develop a follow-on design as a ground attack aircraft and did sell 20 of that variant to the Royal Malaysian Air Force in 1967.

That means that the “jet fighter” claim is incorrect. Regardless of one’s views of the Canadian Armed Forces, which the authors are entitled to espouse their opinions about, they are not entitled to their own facts.

In addition, the military does not fund Remembrance Day services, as those events are organized for the most part by the Royal Canadian Legion and the communities in which cenotaphs are located. The Canadian Forces participates in these events that are not done to “celebrate” wars and battles, but to recognize and remember the service and sacrifices of those who served this country. Hopefully, if we as a nation strive to remember our past history, we will not be doomed to repeat it.

Robin Alford, RCAF/CF (Maj.-Ret.), Nanaimo

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