The redevelopment plan for 1400 Wingrove St. is for a three-storey mixed-use building. IAN NIAMATH image

The redevelopment plan for 1400 Wingrove St. is for a three-storey mixed-use building. IAN NIAMATH image

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Parking is already too scarce at Departure Bay

The latest parking variance at the Amrikko's site is just incredible, says letter writer

To the editor,

Re: Development permit issued for Amrikko’s, May 15.

Over the past two to three months, the city council has given parking variances to three different developers building or wanting to build apartments or condos. They are substantial reductions in the parking required in the bylaws. The latest one at the Amrikko’s site at Departure Bay is just incredible. Where are residents of this new housing, and customers of the businesses supposed to park? They will be competing for parking with citizens wanting to enjoy the beach. First off, who will buy or rent this housing without having access to parking? And the assumption that those residents can just take public transportation is ridiculous. You can’t force people to give up their cars. This council, in their headlong dash into helping developers at any cost needs to stop. Otherwise, why have any parking requirements at all? We definitely need to make some changes at the next election.

Ellyn Turner, Nanaimo

To the editor,

Thank you Sheryl Armstrong, the lone councillor with sense about not allowing developers to reduce parking from 54 to a measly 13.

I walked past at 1:30 p.m. on a Wednesday to see all 37 spots, which included the food vendor truck, full. All four spots across the street in front of the condos, full. Amrikko’s parking lot full, as well as a full lot of cars at the Departure Bay Activity Centre. From there on my walk I noticed both sides of Loat Street full of cars, and three right next to the Kin Hut. On a sunny Sunday, it must be even more difficult for people to come down and enjoy the waterfront.

Now add to this mix that there will be 12 new families plus retail (need space for the management and workers of that retail, let alone customer parking), and one has to wonder where on Earth are all these people going to park?

Well, I’ve seen overstressed parking before at my daughter’s place in Victoria. The entire street is so jammed with cars that visitors block her entry and exit.

Looks like the towing company will be doing a thriving business. At least someone will be happy about this ill thought out parking plan that our council is orchestrating.

Anita Bigland, Nanaimo

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