Nanaimo Regional General Hospital. (News Bulletin file photo)

Nanaimo Regional General Hospital. (News Bulletin file photo)

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: NRGH needs additional disability parking stalls

Hospital has greater need of disability parking than the mall, for example, says letter writer

To the editor,

I recently read a beef in the paper stating that people arranging medical appointments for seniors at NRGH needed to let the senior know they should just have a driver drop them at the door for appointments due to a generally overcrowded parking lot, which makes finding a differently abled or regular parking space often a nuisance.

I got the impression the writer might be an employee that often has to deal with persons showing up late for appointments, which likely holds everyone up.

I think instead, NRGH should make more differently abled parking spots. It is the hospital, after all, and the percentage of people who are differently abled who are going there is likely much higher than the mall. As a fully ambulatory person, sure it’s frustrating to have to drive around the parking lot and streets to find parking and walk. But I can do it if needed and so I should, for the assistance of people who can’t walk long distances or can’t have a driver drop them at the front door.

Christina Findlay, Nanaimo

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