Advertising by the NDP this month was misleading, says letter writer.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: NDP advertising was misleading

Quotations in ads were sound bites taken out of context, says letter writer

To the editor,

I am writing in response to the NDP’s wraparound advertisement on the Oct. 10 News Bulletin.

I understand that this is a paid advertisement, but it contains false and misleading information about the Green Party platform. The statements are based on sound bites that are taken out of context and twisted to support the NDP’s attack strategy on the Greens. Normally, advertisers must substantiate what they are publishing and can be banned from advertising if their claims are false. Simple, but the rules should also apply to federal election advertising. ‘That’s politics’ is the usual response to such tactics, but that is like saying ‘Boys will be boys.’ This is no longer acceptable.

My concern is that those people who do not bother to fact-check the Green platform will be unfairly misled. The hope is that we run fair elections in this country without the need for dirty attack tactics based on false or misleading information.

B. Van Humbeck, Nanaimo

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