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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Helping others doesn’t have to be ‘either-or’

To the editor,

To the editor,

Re: Canada turns blind eye to ‘lost souls,’ Letters, Jan. 4.

The letter writer asked, “How can a society be benevolent to refugees from other countries when it turns a blind eye to its own sidewalks strewn with ‘lost souls?’

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Canada turns blind eye to ‘lost souls’

As one of the members of that ‘society’ that is sponsoring a refugee, I would like to answer and clear up some of the letter writer’s assumptions. My partner and I are indeed sponsoring a young man through the Canadian immigration program, and we are humbled and grateful that we can do something meaningful to help save a life and help someone enjoy a better life here in Canada.

The letter writer assumes wrongly that because we are sponsoring someone from another country, we are turning a ‘blind eye’ to the needs of those here at home who are less fortunate. It needn’t be an either or situation. My partner and I donate to several children’s organizations, we donate regularly to the food bank, we also donate to several animal rescue agencies, and donate monthly to the Canadian plan.

Might I suggest that the letter writer re-examine her reason for the letter condemning our sponsorship of refugees. Me thinks it has less to do with the homeless and more to do about her own personal agenda.

John Tallerino, Nanaimo

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