Road work on Front Street near Gordon Street last month. (Chris Bush/News Bulletin)

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Front Street re-design is folly

Southbound traffic turning left faces oncoming vehicles as well as bicycles going in both directions

To the editor,

As a resident of the Beacon on Cameron Island I look with dismay on the reconstruction of Front Street currently underway in order to create bicycle lanes. This is a busy street with heavy traffic all year round. There is constant demand for access to our beautiful waterfront. There are four uncontrolled streets leading to this area which includes nearly 400 condominiums at Pacifica and Cameron Island. Traffic is heavy on a daily basis even without festivals and other events.

The bicycle lanes will be on the east side only, travelling in both directions. What folly! Vehicle traffic is reduced to two lanes from four. Southbound traffic must now make a left turn facing oncoming vehicles as well as bicycles travelling in both directions and pedestrians doing the same. Adding to the problem will the the inevitable stalled northbound traffic as the bus stops are now in the middle of the street.

If I were a bike rider I would not risk riding in either of these lanes. As a car driver I must consider increasing my liability insurance as you know who will get the blame when either a biker or pedestrian gets knocked down. Bike riders using this route might want to increase their life and disability insurance. Don’t get me started on how many riders understand and comply with traffic laws.

I’m sure I am not the only one concerned.

Dennis Readings, Nanaimo

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