LETTER to the Editor… Doctors’ letter had patronizing tone

I would like to respond to a number of doctors who recently wrote a rather patronizing letter to the citizens of the Comox Valley telling how best to express their outrage that St. Joseph’s will not participate in MAiD but expects to take on the role of caring for the aged and dying.

The doctors suggest that we turn down the heat. Are they suggesting that we should accept the rule of the Catholic Church and do as we are told? I think it is quite reasonable to suggest that an organization unwilling to provide all legally mandated services to vulnerable people in a time of great suffering, does lack compassion and should not be awarded a contract to do only part of the job. Would these doctors be comfortable if the only grocery store in town refused to sell vegetables? Would they be OK with the automobile mechanics in the Valley providing all services except brake work while suggesting that their clients be transferred to Nanaimo in a timely manner for these services? Would they take their beloved pet to a vet who refuses to provide euthanasia? I think not.

I do agree with the doctors’ assertion that the patients who arrive at St. Joseph’s deserve better. They deserve to have their voices heard and their rights respected.They deserve the right to choose.

Joanne Robertson



Comox Valley Record