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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: After-school care isn’t district’s duty

Education system is responsible for children during school hours only, says letter writer

To the editor,

Re: Before- and after-school care filled up, Jan. 25.

I find it quite disturbing that the parents of the closing Rutherford School feel it is the school board’s responsibility to replace or find suitable and convenient daycare for the children switching to Randerson or Frank J. Ney schools. The education system is responsible for your children during school hours only. I believe it has only been in the last 20 years or so that schools have had on-site daycare for young students. The only exception to this was the offspring of an unwed student to try and keep the mother in high school.

Schools provide the space for any licensed individual to run a program for a fee. It’s a business arrangement. That is the only involvement the school board has. Parents should not be expecting schools to provide a source of daycare. It’s nice if there is one available at your child’s school, but if the school closes down it’s up you to make other arrangements. Regular daycares can close down and it is not their responsibility to find a replacement for their clients. Daycare is solely the parents’ responsibility.

Robin Hulme, Nanaimo


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