LETTER: The district should grow, but do it right

The Ten Bos family of Agassiz cautions to be careful with the Teacup properties

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Dear Editor:

My husband has lived in this community for all of his 70 years, and I since 1988. He grew up on a dairy farm at the end of Tranmer Road, and has been a contractor in this beautiful place all of his adult life. You would be hard-pressed to stand anywhere in this town and not see something he has had a hand in. We are deeply involved and connected to this community and are absolutely 100 per cent opposed to the removal of our Agricultural lands out of the ALR. This precious land and the soil it holds can never be replaced, and to develop it further into housing or commercial is a crime.

The farming value of the Teacup property is not what it used to be. The size is restrictive for most productive farming, and no one living nearby relishes the thought of manure spread on the ground to fertilize. The current crop has decimated the rich soil that was once there.

The property location is the gateway to our township, and if done correctly could be a beautiful and inviting entrance to Agassiz.

The trick is to ensure that it doesn’t become a sea of town homes or another gated age-restricted community. A mix of single family homes and the latter would bring a better balance. We need families here. We need young people that are going to bring some life and commitment back to Agassiz.

We need people who are interested in coaching minor sports and being involved with our many service clubs and who care about the health and future of this town. We do not need more part-time residents, who only sleep here or more property speculators, who only buy to rent or flip.

Most importantly, the developer must be held accountable to pay for all of the infrastructure upgrades, and not the taxpayers.

They must be held to high standards to ensure that the development is a safe and friendly place to live, with green space and an attractive entrance to our town.

Peter and Barb Ten Bos


Agassiz Observer