LETTER: The big picture on climate action

From reader Ron Robinson

When considering Climate Action Initiatives, from wherever they come, we need to consider that our actions go beyond the myopia of political or corporate terms of reference. Indeed, beyond the corporate need to provide profit for the investor at all costs.

In simple terms, our collective consumer behavior has caught up; the “feedback loop” has given all of us ample warning that we cannot continue with our current political/economic behavior if we plan on being a vibrant culture beyond the next 20 or 30 years.

If we consider the continued discussions around Site C, LNG and various pipeline projects it becomes obvious that the concept of the big picture has yet to set foot.

What is needed is an electorate — that’s you and me, who understand and are willing to support intelligent leadership that is making intelligent big picture decisions. Globally, we are all swimming in the same pool — what happens in your corner happens in mine.

Ron Robinson


Nelson Star

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