LETTER: Thank you Step Class Sue for all you gave to Langley

Editor: As I walked into the room, I was a bit nervous not knowing exactly what to expect.  The instructor had curly, long red hair, tied back in a bouncy ponytail.  Her “Hello” overfilled with energy.  I knew I was in trouble.

As the music pumps and the sweat runs off your forehead, you wonder “Why do I do this?” and then you looked up at the front at her with mixed feelings of both pride and fear.

I am sure, actually I know that there are hundreds of fellow Langley-ites that have shared this same experience.

They would tell me about how much it hurt, and how good it felt after — and how they returned to class time and again out of fear, as she made certain to know us all by name.

Whether you encountered Sue Wisely at an aerobics class at Newlands, W.C. Blair, the Willowbrook Rec Centre, Willoughby, Walnut Grove, Timms, the Sportsplex gym, outdoors at a morning bootcamp at City Park or somewhere else, the curly redhead enthusiastic hello drew you in, and it was intoxicating.

I spent many years popping in an out of Sue’s step classes, boot camps and run groups and now as I learn that she and Steve are leaving Langley for a new phase of life in Nanaimo, my first reaction was “No, they can’t move!” They are Langley.

As I reflect on the past 15+ years, I can’t image the time without Sue and Steve.

As an instructor, personal trainer, run leader, Relay Captain and friend, Sue has had a quiet yet profound effect on this community and she couldn’t have done it without Steve. (Sometimes I am not sure how Steve did it with her).

Sue and Steve have contributed more than just their time and energy to this community, they have been and are connectors.

They have welcomed hundreds of people into their lives by first inviting them to workout and then to come for coffee or for breakfast or to a BBQ — where those people have connected with many others, building friendships and community.

As I take this time to reflect on Sue and Steve, I am grateful for Sue and Steve and people like them who build and truly embrace the community they live in.

I think I speak for at least a few hundred Langley-ites when I say we wish you all the best in your next phase of life.

We love you Sue and Steve Wisely, and look out Unanimous!

Alison (Palmer) Martens & Family,


Langley Times