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LETTER: Thank you, OK Tire Agassiz!

Roger Bjaanes of Harrison Hot Springs applauds some great customer service

Dear Editor:

I would like to commend a local Agassiz business.

I have had ongoing automobile troubles with a perplexing electrical engine issue in my car that started in late May with a total breakdown and a tow to OK Tire. After their best efforts, my car was towed again, this time to a dealership in the Lower Mainland. It was fixed, but one month later, the same problem occurred last week.

I again had my car towed to OK Tire, having full confidence in their automotive expertise. Despite their time, energy and efforts they were unable to pinpoint the obviously complex computer issues with my car. Again, I have had my car towed back to the dealership.

When I returned their free of charge loaner car (for the second time) to pay my bill, they said “no charge.” We weren’t able to fix your car, so no charge! In today’s day and age, any time your car is handled by an automotive service, there’s a one-hour minimum charge, so I was flabbergasted by their understanding and kindness.

Thanks to Aaron, Steve, the mechanics, staff and owners of OK Tire.

Roger Bjaanes

Harrison Hot Springs

Agassiz-Harrison Observer