Letter: Take a look at the budget

It’s your money. Find out where they’re spending it.

Noses are red, fingers are blue. I’m sick of winter. How about you? So goes the Facebook poem.

Why is it that cold, grey days seem longer?

If you are looking to fill in some time, after the pool or gym, looking for a new topic at coffee or something to challenge the brain, try the Penticton city budget.

We all know how to budget. Moms and dads face budget decisions every paycheque. Retired or not; auditors, carpenters, bankers, painter, small business owners, purchasing agents, plumbers, book keepers, teachers, dentists, accountants, welders and people in general know you stop spending on non-essentials when the margin is critical.

Can we use our skills for the good of this city? Wayne Llewellyn has brilliant suggestions that could make a huge difference in cleaning up Penticton’s financial mess. A proper budget, so you know where the money is going, is essential to knowing where you can save money.

It’s your money. Find out where they’re spending it.

When the budget comes out, go down to City Hall and get a copy or get it online. Have a roast the budget party, if  the group  doesn’t understand something, email or phone City Hall, 250-490-2400 and ask.

The young ones aren’t paying attention and the retired are weary. It truly is time to get a new, important dialogue going.

If we don’t start making changes in our involvement with governments, they will continue to spend us into the work house.

Lynn Crassweller




Penticton Western News