One man was seriously injured in a shooting incident at the Willowbrook Shopping Centre on Monday, May 3. (Dan Ferguson/Langley Advance Times)

LETTER: Student poem about Langley shooting gets to the heart of the matter

All the gang violence is fueling the fight, says a young writer

Dear Editor,

(Inspired by the shooting at Willowbrook Shopping Centre on May 3)

Full Send on Gun Laws

When a gun gets into the wrong hands

Things often don’t go according to plan.

In this world there is a constant fear

That any day you could lose someone dear.

People often carry guns for protection.

But once someone is shot, they can’t be resurrected. When someone takes that last breath

They are dead and you can’t undo their death.

When someone walks up to a tinted car window.

With intent to make the man’s wife a widow.

He fires several rounds into the dark silhouette’s chest.

Giving no time for defense.

Like a surprise test that you haven’t prepared for

Or being hit in the face with an unsuspected closing door. When in places where guns are limited, more shootings often happen

Because the shooters know no one has a gun to fight against them.

Either everyone has a gun or no one

Cause no one wants to lose their son.

All these gangs with young recruits.

Who don’t know the damage they cause when they shoot.

These gangs think what they are doing is right.

But all they do is fuel the fight.

A fight full of retaliation

Without a good sensation When someone is killed in a shopping center and mall

Other people are affected and very appalled.

That someone would stoop so low

To kill someone just for show

That you would kill someone in front of people

Just to be more deceitful.

These shootings and gang wars need to stop.

Before more people get popped.

All or nothing if we want this violence to end.

Either not at all or full send.

Levi Waldner, Grade 10, Bibleway Christian Academy, Clayton


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