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LETTER: Stop attacking the current government

The NDP is working hard to correct many problems


In just two years, the current government has uncovered many irregularities that took place under the previous government.

•Money laundering causing economic imbalance.

• ICBC funds used for general purposes.

• Fracking companies flaunting Environmental Protection Regulations.

• Legislative officers (appointed by the former government) misusing their expense accounts.

These are some of the more prominent ones. They come on top of the bad decisions we already knew about between 2001-2017; notably the attacks on organized labour and public sector unions that have left us with shortages of qualified personnel in the fields of education and health.

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How did these situations come about? How could so much money have been flowing through casinos with no-one noticing? How could so many illegal dams have been built? How could children’s, seniors’ and workers’ living and working conditions have deteriorated so far without MLAs and ministers within the government party of the time noticing?

The current government is working hard to correct these problems. They are making housing more affordable. They are creating more spaces for training. They are making child care more affordable. (reference-Making Life Better Budget 2019, available at the BC Services office.)

I challenge our MLA, now in opposition, to stop attacking the current government for working to rectify the problems her cabinet allowed to develop.

Jean E. Oke

Williams Lake

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