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LETTER – Speed bumps a simple solution to lead-footed drivers in the Comox Valley

Dear editor,

Dear editor,

Traffic: Lots of building, increasing traffic but no news on extra roads or methods on controlling it!

May I suggest a solution to the unlawful speed and therefore noise?

Place a speed bump at either end of a 30 km/h section. Try it!

Signs are mostly ignored but dashing over a speed bump? Not so much. This may be ‘outside the box’ but why not find out if it helps the problem? Then expand the program to all other 30 limit areas – once!

Living on Balmoral is wonderfully convenient for many local residents, including those living in four complexes close to the mall. From the east, drivers whizz around the corner, yes, right beside the 30 sign and the solar-powered sign recording speed (now elsewhere) making pulling out of driveways very treacherous.

Judi Pedder, Comox

Comox Valley Record