Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced Friday (July 9) that the federal government will give $1.3 billion for the Surrey-Langley SkyTrain expansion project to get it from King George Station to Langley. (File photo: Kedo Zake)

LETTER: SkyTrain best option for Langley

Light rail in other communities snarls traffic, letter writer warns

Dear Editor,

Extending ‘Skytrain’ from Surrey is ‘so the right decision’ for the Lower Mainland as opposed to LRT [light rail transit].

If you want to confirm this, travel to either Edmonton or Calgary and drive their city roads in the areas that are ‘adversely served’ with ground level LRT.

Driving motor/electric vehicles there requires one to be (so) often braking/stopping for either an (modern) LRT car crossing or an old intercity train/track throughout those cities.

Rapid Transit BC: Raise it, ride it and forget it!

Jimmy Charlie, Langley City


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