Penticton Western News letters to the editor.

Penticton Western News letters to the editor.

Letter: Singing for their support

Our Redeemer Lutheran choir from Penticton looking for funding

Carnegie Hall in New York city is a world renowned music concert centre.

It is rare, if not unprecedented, for a small, unheralded choir group to get invited to perform there, but this is what occurred for the Our Redeemer Lutheran choir from Penticton.

A big honour for the choir and the City of Penticton, but unfortunately without funding the group will have to cover its own costs for travel, accommodation, and meals while in New York city for several days. As you can imagine this does not come cheap particularly with our discounted Canadian dollar.The choir has entered into a fund raising campaign which consists of choir performances, fund raising dinners, yard sales, bottle drives and a canvass of local businesses to provide cash or product donations to be used in silent auctions. They have also arranged to enter a float in the Peach Festival parade. Many small businesses have responded favourably to this request, and their support is much appreciated.

The choir made a request through the established channels to receive a financial grant from the city to help cover some of the cost that turned down flat by the mayor and council based on staff recommendation as it didn’t meet the city’s guidelines for funding.Individuals and business groups have been supportive, but certainly not city administration who apparently see no promotional value here.

Claude Bergman


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